5 Steps to Gorgeous Fall Curb Appeal

5 Steps to Gorgeous Fall Curb Appeal

Fall in Texas marks one of the nicest times of the year to spend outside, so why not spend it sprucing up your home’s yard and exterior? From decorating to maintenance and cleaning to painting, giving your house a mini facelift is the perfect way to welcome the holiday season.

Color your outdoor world

Since fall weather in Texas does not always guarantee beautiful autumnal foliage, you may need to take it upon yourself to bring brilliant shades of copper, sienna, and gold into your life. One of the most perfect plants for fall is the chrysanthemum. The colorful, hardy mum comes in many different shades to complement your fall theme. To brighten your porch, pair them with different colored planters.

Despite the unpredictable temperatures, several tree varieties can produce stunning fall displays of color, under the right conditions. In fact, fall is the best time of year for planting trees in Texas, so even if you do not have the eye-catching leaves you want now, you can plan for the future. Texas Red Oak is a deciduous tree, which means it will drop its crimson leaves in late fall and grow new leaves the following spring. For a tree that does not quite reach such tall heights, look into the Chinese Pistache, which reaches a maximum height of about 50 feet and produces a rainbow of beautiful fall reds, oranges and yellows.

Love your lawn

Yes, the arrival of fall does slow the frequency of mowing, but that does not mean you are able to neglect your lawn. In fact, autumn is the best season for fertilizing your lawn. Most lawn experts recommend fertilizing in the fall if you are only doing it once a year. A fall fertilizer application allows essential nutrients to penetrate the ground so your grass grows deep roots and is prepared to flourish once spring rolls around.

Once your grass is prepped and ready for the cooler weather, be sure you keep up with its maintenance by raking the leaves. Left too long, leaves start to clump together, which can kill your grass and breed fungal diseases.

Refresh your exterior

A new season calls for a refreshing overhaul of your home’s exterior. Add pops of color to your house by updating your door or shutter colors. Remember, small details go a long way, so for a more subtle change that can have a big impact, touch up trim and siding. Check the condition of your gutters and consider replacing them if they are in need of repair. Larger projects that will both protect your home in cooler weather and make it look nicer include installing energy-efficient windows and updating your roof.

As darkness descends earlier and earlier, making sure your outdoor areas have adequate lighting will be key. Check the bulbs on the front and back porch lights, or, if you are feeling particularly ambitious, update them to suit your style. To light up your walkways, line them with small solar lights that stick in the ground. In the backyard, add a touch of festive lighting with round-bulbed string lights.

Tasteful and different decor

October kicks off the holiday season, adding an extra touch of fun to your home’s exterior if you choose to decorate. To keep it simple, you can go with a general fall theme, utilizing uncarved or painted pumpkins that will last you from Halloween through Thanksgiving. Jazz them up with a pretty stencil, or get creative and paint your house number on them, letting both trick-or-treaters and visiting holiday guests know exactly where they are.

Go beyond orange by choosing different types of pumpkins. Go white with Baby Boo or New Moon pumpkins. Porcelain doll pumpkins are as smooth as they sound, with soft pink skin. Don’t forget about shape and texture, as well—Cinderella, Red Warty Thing and Fairytale pumpkins all have unique shells that are a delight for your hands.

Go for gourds to add some variety to your decorations. In addition to coming in lots of shapes and sizes, gourds are perfect for painting. Adorn them with silver and gold leaf gourds to add some elegance to your outdoor style.

Repair and Maintain

No matter the season, it is a good idea to take care of outdoor maintenance and repairs. Check the brick and siding—are there stains leftover from summer heat and dirt? Try a pressure wash to get your exterior looking nice and bright once again. Did the sun and sprinklers wreak havoc on your beautiful, clear windows? Give them a thorough and professional washing. You will be amazed at the difference it can make! Make sure your home is prepared for potential ice in North Texas by cleaning out your gutters.